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About the Company

The ElitMaster company was founded in 2004 by graduates of matimatiko-mechanical faculty of USU.

Many technological features of development of a program code were taken from lectures on the discrete optimization.

We learned to lead business challenges of all our clients to mathematical models, to prove their independence and after to do the program code capable to work long time at heavy loads. In 15 years of existence of the company we turned into the famous player in the market of software development in the Russian Federation and beyond its limits.

Today we have clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, England, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Germany and the Netherlands. We aren't going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and actively we develop own projects in the different countries.

Our Advantages

Today business processes in our company and in relations with clients are created and smoothly running.

The client can control each step of execution of the task in specially developed project management system.

Specialists of our company have a wide experience in creation of different projects therefore in case of discussion of the new project are ready to propose checked solutions and techniques.

One more aspect of our operation is the quality assurance. All decisions developed at us have warranty support within at least 12 months.

Purpose and Tasks

Company performance purpose: to bring benefit to society by means of rendering high-quality services in the field of information technologies.

Tasks which we set the purposes for achievement:

  1. To be aware of development of information technologies and tendencies;
  2. To have a strong team of professionals;
  3. To be able to analyze business of the client and look for decisions on improving of the business.